White Rodgers Thermostat Troubleshooting

If you have some problems with White Rodgers thermostat, don’t rush to call the installer or repairmen: possibly, you can fix everything up on your own. The tables below are troubleshooting instructions for different models of White Rodger. They enlist the most widespread technical issues (some with the error codes applied), things that might have caused the problems, and the methods of solving. Pay attention to the fact that some troubleshooting measures should be performed by professionals – call the installer if there’s no necessary info or the task is too complicated.

White Rodgers NP100 Thermostat Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible CauseAction
Snowflake icon blinking5-minute lockout enabled to protect compressorNo action needed: should stop blinking after 5 minutes
No Heat No Cool, or No FanBlown fuse / tripped circuit breakerReplace fuse or reset breaker
Furnace power switch to OFFTurn switch to ON
Furnace blower compartment door or panel loose or not properly installedReplace door panel in in proper position to engage safety interlock or door switch
Loose connection to thermostat or systemTighten connections
Low BatteriesReplace batteries
Thermostat & IndoorThe thermometer can be adjusted +/- 4 degrees.

White Rodgers BNP125 Thermostat Troubleshooting

The thermostat is hot.In normal operating conditions, the thermostat housing can reach nearly 40°C at maximum load. That is normal and will not affect the effective operation of the thermostat.
Heating is always on.Check if the thermostat is properly connected.
Heating does not run even if the thermostat indicates it is on.
The display does not turn on.Check if the thermostat is properly connected. Check the power supply at the electrical panel. Check if the heating unit has a switch. If so. ensure that this switch is turned on.
The display turns off a few minutes and then turns on again.The thermal protection of the heating unit has opened due to overheating. Check if the heating unit is in good condition of operation and that clearance around the appliance is according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
The display has low contrast when heating is on.The load is lower than the minimum load. Install a heating unit that is within the load limits of the thermostat.
The displayed ambient temperature is incorrect.Check the presence of an air stream or a heat source near the thermostat, and correct the situation.
The display indicates El or E2.Faulty thermal sensor. Contact the customer service
Weak luminosity of the display.Possibility of a bad contact. Check thermostat wirings.

White Rodgers UNP300 Thermostat Troubleshooting

OptionsDefault SettingAdditional Information
I want the Cycle Rate to be Fast or SlowFA (fast)Select SL (slow) if you have Hydronic (water or steam) heating. Otherwise, select default FA.
I want to be reminded when it is time to change the air filter? (FILTER)000 (no reminder)Select default 000 for now.
Compressor Lockout (LOC)OFFSelect ON to provide protection to your Heating and Cooling System’s compressor
How much displayed temperature offset do you want?OHI (no offset)Select default OHI for now.
I temperature displayed in °C (Celsius) or °F (Fahrenheit)?°F (Fahrenheit)

White Rodgers 1C26 Thermostat Troubleshooting

SymptomPossible CauseCorrective Action
No Heat/No Cool/No Fan (common problems)1. Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.Replace fuse or reset breaker.
2. Furnace power switch to OFF.Turn switch to ON.
3. Furnace blower compartment door or panel loose or not properly installed.Replace door panel in proper position to engage safety interlock or door switch.
No Heat1. Pilot light not lit.Re-light pilot.
2. Broken or melted anticipator wire.Excessive current or dead short in system. Have a qualified service person check the system before replacing thermostat.
3. Loose connection to thermostat or system.Verify thermostat and system wires are securely attached.
4. Thermostat or heating system requires replacement or service.Your furnace manufacturer or service person can describe how to test the heating system to verify it is operating correctly. If the heating system is capable of operation and the no heat condition persists, replace the thermostat.
5. System Switch not set to Heat.Set System Switch to Heat and raise temp above room temp.
Intermittent Heat1. Furnace Lock-Out ConditionMany furnaces have safety devices that shut the system down when a lock-out condition occurs. If the heat works intermittently contact the furnace manufacturer or local service person for assistance.
No Cool1. Loose connection to thermostat or system.Verify thermostat and system wires are securely attached.
2. Thermostat or cooling system requires replacement or service.Your cooling system manufacturer or service person can describe how to test the cooling system to verify it is operating correctly. If the cooling system is capable of operation and the no cooling condition persists, replace the thermostat. Set System Switch to Cool and lower temp below room temp.
3. System Switch not set to Cool.
Heat, Cool or Fan Runs Constantly.1. Possible short in wiring.Check each wire connection to the thermostat to verify it is neatly looped under the terminals. No extra wire should stick out from under the terminals.
2. Possible short in thermostat
3. Possible short in heat/cool/fan system.
Furnace Cycles Too Fast or Too Slow Narrow or wide temperature swingThe anticipation setting is the only adjustment that effects the heating cyde rate. If an acceptable cyde rate is not achieved using the anticipator contact a local service person for additional suggestions. The location of the thermostat, size of the Heat/Cool System and current draw can influence the cycle rate.

White Rodgers Comfort Set 1F97-391 Thermostat Troubleshooting

7. Do I have to program a stop time for each program period?There is no need to select a time to stop a programming period. Starting a new programming period will stop the previous program period.
8. My display light does not work. Can it be fixed or replaced?The display light in the 1F97-391 is not a replaceable item. The display light uses power from the batteries. If batteries are good, a replacement thermostat would be indicated.
9. Between Heating and Cooling seasons, I want to turn my system off. Will this change the program?Any time you wish to turn your system off, simply press SYSTEM button until the display shows OFF. This will not affect your thermostat’s programming in any way. To turn the system back on, press SYSTEM button until HEAT. OFF, COOL, or AUTO is displayed and press RUN. The system will begin operating according to the current thermostat program.
10. Do I have to reprogram my thermostat after I change the batteries?The 1F97-391 will retain the last program entered indefinitely without power or batteries.
12. What do I do if my system is not working properly and I need service?Contact a Local Heating & Cooling service person
13. What does CHCK HUMD on the display mean and how do I reset it?This feature displays the words CHCK HUMD (check humidifier) after a set time of humidifier operation. This is a reminder to maintain or clean your humidifier. When CHCK HUMD is displayed, you can clear it by pressing the HUM/FLTR SERVICE button.
14. When I push the Humidity button, it displays HUMD MX What does this mean?HUMD MX indicates the humidifier has not reached the current humidity setting in the last 10 heating cycles. If the condition persists, a service person may recommend additional humidifier capacity.

White Rodgers Superstat Pro Thermostat Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
Display is BlankThe thermostat gets its power from the indoor air handler, or if gas furnace from a 120 volt outlet. If these have power, call Customer Service
Time is not CorrectWait for about one minute after power interruption for the system to reset the time
Display is Flashing• If flashing between time and temperature setpoint - Normal operation for the unit.
• If flashing COMM ERR - call Customer Service.
• If flashing AUX and +2 - Normal operation. With a heat pump, indicates the resistance strip heat (Aux) is operating in conjunction with the heat pump compressor.
• If +2 on lower right of display - Normal operation. For a two-speed compressor, indicates that the compressor is operating in the high speed.
• If flashing HOLD - Normal operation. Indicates a temporary hold is in place. Press RUN to reset.
The green light stays On, it does not flash (Green light next to the UP/DOWN buttons) Normal operation. Indicates that a Critical Event is in effect.
The green light stays On, it does not flash, the UP/DOWN buttons do not work.
If the green light is On and the buttons will not change the display, your thermostat may need service
Display numbers/segments are fading outThe thermostat requires service. Call Customer Service
Temperature setting will not go lower or higher• The upper or lower thermostat temperature setting limits may have been reached. Lower limit is 45 and the upper limit is 90.
• Check to ensure that you are not in programming mode. Press the RUN button once until the normal display appears. Try to change the temperature again.
If neither of the above helps, the thermostat may require service. Call Customer Service
Thermostat program has disappearedEnsure that someone else has not changed the program. If no one else has changed the program, the schedule may have been lost. The thermostat’s schedule is stored in a non- volatile memory. The thermostat may have sustained a large electrostatic discharge, erasing its memory. In this case, the default setting will be displayed in the programs
Temperature changes at wrong time• The thermostat has an intelligent algorithm (Energy Recovery Management) that automatically starts the heating/cooling system before the scheduled start time so that the desired temperature is reached at the scheduled start time.
• The thermostat setpoints will change automatically at the scheduled time. Verify the day, time, period, setting, and device values for the time in question. Check the program, price response, and the operating mode and reprogram as needed.
• Check for correct AM and PM in programs
Temperature display is incorrect.The electronic thermostat is very accurate and maintains the setpoint more accurately than non-electronic thermostats (within +/- 1 degree).
While programming, body heat can increase display temperature. Wait about 10 minutes for the thermostat to re-establish the actual sensed temperature.
The thermostat can be configured for Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C) display. If the temperature displays 20 to 25 degrees, it may be in Celsius (Centigrade) mode. If so, call Customer Service
Make sure you are looking at the correct temperature display. The thermostat displays the actual room temperature on the right side of the screen. The thermostat’s current temperature setpoint is alternately displayed with the time on the left side of the screen.
If the HOLD icon is flashing, the thermostat is set for temporary hold. Press RUN to reset the hold and go back to the programmed setpoint.
If the HOLD icon is lit but not flashing, the thermostat is set for a permanent hold. Press RUN to reset the hold and go back to the programmed setpoint.
If the displayed setpoint is not what you want, review your programming settings and reprogram as needed.
Thermostat current setpoint does not match the display temperature• The thermostat may be in recovery from a Critical Event period. Depending upon thermal load of the system, it may take time for the temperature to reach the desired setpoint.
• Under excessive temperature loads (high/low outdoor temperature) the heating/cooling equipment may not be capable of maintaining the desired indoor temperature setpoint. The I leating/Cooling system may need servicing or upgrade. You may want to schedule a service call with a heating and cooling dealer for inspection of proper refrigerant levels, airflow, etc.
• In some cases, when the thermostat is located on or around the indoor air handler closet and the heater closet and the return air box is not sealed, the air handler will draw outdoor or colder air down the wall cavity or through the thermostat. The wall cavity, heater closet and return air box must be sealed.
• The heating or cooling may be in a temporary or permanent Hold. Press RUN to reset the hold and go back to the programmed setpoint
Hold override does not workA permanent Hold remains in effect independent of user schedule. To clear a permanent hold, go to the device screen (idle screen) and press RUN
Temporary hold cannot be set• Make sure unit is set for Cool or Ileat mode and try again to set the hold.
• If it still does not work, call Customer Service
STG 1 is indicated but the unit is not running• Verify that the breakers are not tripped for both the air handler and the outdoor compressor. Reset the breakers. If power is being supplied to the equipment, and the thermostat indicates the system is On (STG 1 icon displayed), call your heating and cooling contractor.
• If outdoor AC breaker is tripped, reset it, and then if it trips again, call your heating and cooling contractor
The fan is On, but no cool air is coming out• Check that the system setting is set to COOL. Press the SYSTEM button until the COOL icon is displayed.
• Verify that the breakers are not tripped to the outdoor compressor and that the outdoor compressor and fan is operating. Reset the breakers. If power is being supplied to the equipment and the thermostat, and the thermostat indicates the system is On (STG 1 shown), call your heating and cooling contractor.
• Verify that the thermostat is calling for cooling, and the outdoor compressor is running. If cool air is still not being detected from the system, the refrigerant level may be low. Call your heating and cooling contractor