Bestech Thermostat Troubleshooting

Your thermostat doesn’t work? Wonder how to fix problems without installer’s help? These Bestech thermostat troubleshooting guidelines are here to assist you. They contain the most widespread technical problems together with the possible causes and ways to solve issues.

Bestech BT11NP Thermostat Troubleshooting

Error Solution
Setting the System Control Mode COOLOnly your cooling system will operate
Setting the System Control Mode OFFHeating and cooling systems are off
Setting the System Control Mode HEATOnly your heating system will operate
Additional Switch Position EMEROperates a backup heat source (Emergency Heat) for heat pump systems only
Setting the Fan Control Mode AUTOThe system fan will run only when your heating or cooling system is running
Setting the Fan Control Mode ONThe system fan will stay on
Status Indicators HEATIf flashing, indicates your heating system is running.
Status Indicators COOL
Additional Status Indicators AUXIndicates that the auxiliary stage of heating is running